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A seat by Labels’ Gerard van den Berg is the result of pure design and styling. Furniture fit for its stated purpose, to provide a comfortable seat. He believes that the trick of producing good design is to think in pure, clean lines. ‘I attempt to retain the single, pure shape from the initial sketch into final production. In my view, you don’t improve on an idea by adding things on. The power emanates from the essence of the premise, not from any ornamentation. If you need ornamentation, something is missing in the basic idea. I don’t like furniture that appears to be stuck to the floor. Hence the nimbleness. The combination with the fuller, more organic shape suspended over it is to me quite natural. Imagine a woman or a racehorse. Without tension and contrast, a design doesn’t swing. It takes two to tango.’ Label designs suggest tension between styling and materials. Clean lines contrast with a full, flowing seat shape. Hard metal supports smooth upholstery, like supple leather. Cool against warm and colorful. Character materials such as proprietary robust leather and pure woods highlight the design. CLICK TO VISIT LABEL>