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Earth, water, fire: these three elements are wisely melted by the able hands of artisans, that create objects characterizing the production of the artistic ceramic of Bassano. RAZZETTI's Ceramics Brand based on in 1960 by Luigino Razzetti, follower of professor Fabris and uncle Zortea. The brand was born on a solid tradition but reveals from the beginning a fanciful searching of new creation; in this context, in the sixties, was launched the "Razzetti's chandelier" harmonious and light, rich in decorations, enriched with real gold, sold all over the world and often imitated. The white lamps created now by Luigino's son, Riccardo Razzetti, belong to that style and with the delicate refinement of the slurry, and the richness of the decoration and the glittering glaze the tradition of unmatched excellence continues. CLICK TO VISIT RAZZETTIERREPI>